Fully automated 3D print preparation

Our software replaces the manual processes currently required to prepare and enhance on-screen 3D content for 3D printing.

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How it works

The process from the outside looks quick and simple, Perfected3D does all the hard work. Open the tab to see some of the automated processes that perfect your file.

  1. Upload your data
  2. Choose size
  3. The Perfected3D Process
    1. Data Compatibility

      Messy data from any source turned into clean manifold models ready for printing.

    2. Visual Enhancement

      Include texture, lighting and material information to produce higher quality prints.

    3. Physical Readiness

      Complex scenes and non-conventional models made into single, physical ready, parts.

    4. Material Printability

      Fine or weak parts scaled and strengthened based on material properties.

    5. Print Technique Optimisation

      Models optimised for printing technique reduce print time, material usage and printing cost.

  4. Choose output type
  5. Download perfected model

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We have scalable solutions to suit your needs, from individual users to corporations and institutions looking for bespoke access.

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Create print ready models to your specification with automatic model analysis, real time print previews and customisable conversion policies.

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Monthly subscription for service integration

Streamline your online service by connecting with our powerful set of tools.

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Back end service

Contact us for a bespoke solution

Perfected3D addons allow you to interface with your clients, manage operations and streamline your service.

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