Perfected3D Launch


Whispering Gibbon has today (Friday 21 July 2017) launched its rebranded and revolutionary 3D printing technology, Perfected3D, for 3D printing services to trial for free and immediately prove for themselves its ground-breaking capabilities.

The cloud service is set to change the way 3D printing works making it accessible, affordable and efficient by fully automating what are currently manual processes. This will have a huge impact on large scale printing services in all areas of manufacturing and will open up the 3D printing world to small scale businesses.

Joe Stevens, Founder and CEO of Whispering Gibbon says: “Most 3D models are manually ‘hand-fixed’ to make them print-ready which is costly and time consuming. By fully automating the process our platform keeps costs down and vastly increases throughput. This makes 3D printing much more cost effective for bigger companies and accessible for smaller companies allowing them to easily scale up and create personalised content affordably.

As part of its launch, Perfected3D beta service is free to use on the website (, the web app gives businesses the chance to trial the technology as they print their own 3D models and prove the impact of the technology immediately.

The technology is successfully being used by games companies like Lockwood Publishing. Joel Kemp, Director Lockwood Publishing says: “This tech allows the users of our app, Avakin Life to turn their unique video game creations into 3D print ready models and we have been really impressed with the results. The tech is currently being tested in the UK and will soon be rolled out globally to our 3 million monthly users.”

With focus firmly on online services, the Perfected3D API is in the process of being rolled out as part of mature 3D printing businesses and exciting new ones such as Beamler. Willem-Jan van Loon, CEO Beamler says: “Perfected3D is the missing technology that has prevented 3D printing from living up to its potential. By working together, we can revolutionise current workflows making 3d printing more accessible, low-cost and efficient”

The technology is set to have a huge impact on the manufacturing industry from consumer to construction. Rob Charlton, CEO, Space Group says: “If Perfected3D can really achieve what it promises, it will have a huge impact on project timescales and costs by transforming the existing workflows from concept phase to completion of a build. This could be the breakthrough for the construction industry that we have all been waiting for.

Joe Stevens, Founder and CEO of Whispering Gibbon says: “After 3 years of research and development we’re ready to set up partnerships with more 3D printing services and printer manufacturers. We’ll be making public additional ground-breaking features over the coming weeks that will further streamline processes and increase productivity including real-time dynamic print previews, intelligently placed escape holes and full colour output.

Perfected3D invite all 3D printing users worldwide, from the largest printer manufacturers and 3D Printing service companies to the smallest micro business to sign up for the beta trial, prove the power for themselves, and let us know how big the impact is for them.