Revolutionising the way 3D printing works, making it accessible, affordable and efficient.

Our cloud service automatically optimises data for 3D print and is ready to change the way you work.


There are many reasons why 3D data will not successfully 3D print

  • Incompatible data format
  • Complex or badly structured data
  • Too little or too much detail
  • Visual data needs converting to physical data
  • Not appropriate at the desired scale
  • Will not produce a robust model
  • Not well structured for the printing technique used

It is laborious and time consuming to identify and fix all of the issues

Current processes are slowed down making production more costly, restricting scale and discouraging mass customisation.

Our software fixes problems and optimises automatically without the need for manual processing

Our patent pending process creates, full colour, multi-material, models that look fantastic from 3D data in any form, however abstract or messy.

  • Repair
  • Enhance
  • Optimise

Producing ready to print files from your most unprintable data

We automatically create output models optimised for size, material and printing technique; maximising reliability while reducing print time and material usage.

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